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Masao Yoshii
President and Representative Director

Fairfield Japan Ltd. (FJL) has been active in the maritime industry since 1970 when it was established by Fairfield-Maxwell Ltd. (FML) to be the company's Japan-based representative office. FML is a privately held U.S. corporation established in 1957 with its head office in New York, and is wholly owned by the descendants of the founding family member, second-generation Japanese-American Mr. Kay Sugahara.

During its 60+ year history FML has become a diversified international company, participating in operating companies and investments around the world. Since FML's inception, shipping has been, and remains, a core activity of the group. FML and FJL share a common vision for how to grow the shipping business. Close cooperation by senior management, and the financial strength of the combined group, ensures the shipping strategy is executed successfully.

In 1996, FML helped to establish Fairfield Chemical Carriers, Inc. (FCC) in Connecticut, USA. FCC's objective is to be a leading chemical tanker operating company, using modern tankers to transport a wide range of bulk liquid cargoes for its customers, safely and efficiently, to destinations worldwide. FCC has established commercial offices in Rotterdam and Singapore to ensure that trading and operations of the group's fleet are handled seamlessly 24 hours around the clock. FJL plays a critical role in helping FCC reach its objective: building and owning vessels that are then chartered to FCC to expand its fleet, as well as securing ships from other Japanese owners which are then entered into FCC's fleet.

In 2001, FCC entered into a joint venture with Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. of Tokyo, named Allied Chemical Carriers LLC. Both companies contributed vessels to the company, which is commercially controlled by FCC, to establish a fleet of sufficient size to service a broader customer base. To assist FCC in this business growth, FJL increased its own fleet and presently has almost 20 vessels under control. All of these vessels are operated by FCC and represent a significant portion of the over 30 vessels that FCC now trades under its control.

In addition to its activities in the chemical tanker segment of shipping, FJL has a long history of agency work in Japan. For decades, FJL has assisted Great American Lines, Inc., a joint venture of FML and Maruha Nichiro group, in the conduct of their business of operating combination car carrier/refrigerated cargo vessels.

FJL is proud of its growth and many accomplishments during a history now exceeding 40 years. That said, the focus of the company is to look forward and not rest on past achievement. Moving ahead, efforts of the group will remain focused on growing the company in a measured and responsible manner, providing the highest level of service, and being a leading owner and operator of chemical tankers. We are very grateful for the ongoing support received from our financial partners, shipbuilders and many business partners. We are most thankful for the respect we have achieved within the shipping community in Japan and worldwide.

Masao Yoshii
President and Representative Director

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Corporate Profile

Contact 18F Shin-Kasumigaseki Building,
3-3-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-0013, Japan

Tel: +81-3-6550-8902
Fax: +81-3-6550-8904
email: gad@fairfieldjapan.com
Established23rd of April, 1977
Shareholders Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc.
Fairfield Group
Agency ofGreat American Lines, Inc.
Board Members Masao Yoshii, President & Representative Director
Hidekazu Inoue, Director
Jirokichi Kusama, Director
Mitsuhiro Okamoto, Director
Anthony J. Dowd, Director
Todd M.Clough, Director
Satoshi Tanaka, Auditor
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